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Important Pressure Cooker Cooking Times to Use

Cooking time saver

Unlike conventional cooking methods, using a pressure cooker (modern) is easy and fast. Pressure cooker cooking times are always shorter compared to other methods and can be said to be 2-10 times faster compared to different cooking methods. You can cook any of your delicious meals using a pressure cooker without losing the flavor and nutrients of the food.

You can cook different foods including dry beans, chicken, beef roasts and rice among other foods. Your pressure cooker times will be determined by different factors including the type of pressure cooker, type of food and your altitude.

Different pressure cookers have different cooking speeds

Although there are many different types of pressure cookers, only those with 15 psi (lb) will give you the fastest cooking times possible. Pressure cooker cooking times for cookers with less that 15 psi are normally slower and therefore will require more time to achieve the same results as those with 15 lb.

You can learn more on how your pressure cooker cooking times are affected by the amount of pressure in the cooker for a greater understanding and also to help you choose the right pressure cooker for your use. Below are some pressure cooker times based on different types of foods:

Vegetarian cooking times

When cooking different types of vegetables using the necessary cooking instructions will give you the best results while at the same time preserving the quality of your food. You should cook the veggies in the steamer basket and use 125ml of water and especially for vegetables whose cooking time is below five minutes. Based on this suggestion, add some water depending with the cooking time required for your vegetables.

Always consult the instruction manual before using the pressure cooker of choice. For frozen vegetables allow additional 1 or 2 cooking minutes for the preparation to be complete. Once the cooking is completed, use the natural release method to release the pressure.

Rice and grain cooking times and instructions

You should soak your while grain pearl barley and wheat berries in lukewarm water for 4 hours or so before you start the cooking process as this will help hasten the pressure cooker cooking times. To avoid inhibiting hydration and toughen the grains, avoid adding salt in the soaking water. Rice and oats should not be soaked but instead rinsed in warm water. Once this is done, cook for the recommended amount of time.

Grains and rice will take between 2 to 40 minutes depending with whether they are soaked or un-soaked and whether you are using natural or quick pressure release. Those that are not soaked will take longer pressure cooker cooking time that the ones that are soaked. Quick release also takes the food longer than natural release.

Meat and poultry

Use natural release method when preparing your favorite meat or poultry. Use 125ml of liquid such as stock/ water or more depending with the overall pressure cooker cooking time. Meat and poultry could take between 5 to 45 minutes depending with the size and the quality of the meat being cooked.

Larger pieces will take longer to cook than smaller pieces. For the best flavor, it is good for Maillaes reaction to take place. Start by browning the poultry or meat on every side using vegetable oil in a pressure cooker before locking the pressure cooker lid for the process.

Important notes

  • When using the automatic release method, you use the pressure selector dial turning in to “release position” allowing the steam to release.
  • In quick release, take off the pressure cooker from the fire and put it in a sink with cold water. Allow the steam to fritter away until the pressure indicator is lowered and then open the lid to access your food.
  • If not in a hurry, use natural release method by allowing the pressure to cool down naturally. This is ideal if you remove the food from the burner before it is fully cooked.

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