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3 Important Features to Consider When Buying Electric Pressure Cookers

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There are different types of pressure cookers but electric pressure cookers are the latest models and commonly referred to as “third generation” pressure cookers.

Electronic pressure cookers are automatically regulated and thus can maintain the operating pressure required for efficient cooking. When looking for an electronic pressure cooker, it is good to note that a spring-loaded valve is one of the main features along with others such as a timer and hi-tech settings that help to keep the food warm.

Your pressure cooker should be used carefully for safety purposes and it is important to know that you cannot use cold water for pressure release when using them. Vapor should be released with caution to avoid serious accidents. It is always important to choose the right pressure cooker for your home as doing so will help you enjoy major benefits.

Below features to help you choose the right electric pressure cooker:

Feature #1: Consider the size

Electric pressure cookers come in different sizes ranging from 4 to 10 quarts. The size you choose will be determined by the amount of food you intend to cook at any given time. If you need to cook food for lets say a week, then you will need a big appliance that will handle enough food to take you and your family throughout the week.

Our advice is that you better buy an appliance that will prove to be bigger rather than one that will give you headache for being small. When selecting the ideal size, it is good to remember that your pressure cooker cannot be filled to the brim and therefore this will affect your food quantity as you can only fill it to 2/3. This means a 4 quarts pressure cooker will not exactly hold that amount of soup.

Feature #2: Construction

The construction of the electrical pressure cooker is of great importance and must never be ignored. While all electrical pressure cookers are made of stainless steel material, other parts such as the locking system and the handle must be considered carefully. The locking system should be dependable and sturdy while firm and longer handles will go a long way in helping you whenever you want to lift the hot while hot.

Feature #3: Safety

The best electric pressure cooker should also have important safety features that will help you during the cooking sessions. For example, a pressure cooker that comes with excess pressure sensor, electric shut-off in case of high external/internal temperatures, high temperature monitor system and safety lid lock is the best.

According to various electric pressure cooker reviews, not every appliance provides these features and therefore you will need to do some research before buying. Look for electric pressure cookers with automatic temperature and current fuse that shuts off the power in case the internal or current temperatures exceeds the recommended levels.

Electric pressure cookers are growing in popularity due to their superior features but as a recommendation, it is important to be absolutely careful when using the appliances. 

Originally posted 2019-09-24 19:30:00.