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THIS is The Best Lettuce For Sandwiches [And More!]

For sandwich lovers, there’s nothing better than taking a bite of a delicious sandwich, and hearing the crunch of the fresh lettuce. Depending on the restaurant or what type of lettuce you choose to eat, there are a plethora of options of lettuce that can be used on a sandwich.

Although it may seem like a simple ingredient in the entire sandwich experience, choosing the wrong type of lettuce could make or break the  entire meal.

Shredded iceberg lettuce, romaine lettuce and field greens are all options to make a delicious sandwich. But which is the best and which is the healthiest are all questions that are asked when choosing the best leafy green.

Depending on the type of sandwich, it is crucial to choose the correct lettuce to prevent any additional tastes from taking away from the rest of the sandwich. It’s all in the flavor, the crunch and nutritional value when it comes to choosing the perfect lettuce.

Before shopping and preparing for your next sandwich there are a few details that you should know when it comes to one of the biggest ingredients, besides the bread. Although it doesn’t seem like a big deal, it could really impact the taste of your next sandwich, if not chosen correctly.

Letting lettuce ruin a sandwich experience is just not a chance that most are willing to take. Now, it’s time to go over some crucial aspects to choosing the best lettuce for your next meal.

What kind of lettuce is used for sandwiches?

In the United States, we typically gravitate toward using iceberg lettuce for salads, sandwiches and wraps. It’s the easiest to find and purchase in the grocery store and usually the most affordable as well.

When using iceberg lettuce for sandwiches, it’s best to shred the lettuce to make for the easiest way to enjoy the sandwich without any extra mess.

Although iceberg is seen as a lettuce with not that many added health benefits, it does have its own advantage. Iceberg lettuce is made of mostly water, which could help with overall hydration.

When ordering a sandwich out at a restaurant or deli, you will most likely be served romaine lettuce. This is the most common option for restaurants and gives off a better overall appearance when plated and served.

Romaine, like iceberg, doesn’t give off a particular taste and can be used on nearly any type of sandwich or burger.

A butter lettuce would also be a good option if you are thinking in terms of nutrients. It still has a good crunch but even more vitamins than iceberg. It also doesn’t have an overwhelming flavor, yet rather, has a slightly bitter taste.

But, the leaves of the butter lettuce, have the ability to wilt rather fast, making it a better idea to make the sandwich and enjoy it in a short period of time without the lettuce deteriorating.

Arugula and spinach have recently become new replacements for lettuce as people are making healthier choices when it comes to their eating habits.

Arugula is usually a top choice for people who want a little flavor from their lettuce. It gives off a bit of a taste that is close to pepper, which is considered an acquired taste and may not be for everyone. Arugula and spinach would also work great in a wrap, adding to the flavor but not allowing for it to be too crunchy.

Kale, which is now considered a new addition to salads, can also be used on sandwiches as well. Kale is another type of green, although not specifically referred to as a lettuce, is a type of field green that packs in the nutrients  and can boost your overall health. 

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What is the healthiest lettuce for sandwiches?

Butter lettuce, which is also sometimes known as Bibb lettuce is seen as the healthiest lettuce option for a sandwich.

It  is  packed with Vitamin K and iron  and has smaller leaves, which is great for people who don’t want too much lettuce or crunch but want the healthy aspect of the lettuce on their sandwich.

This type of lettuce is also great for anti-inflammatory reasons which is another added health benefit. It’s an easy way to help with bloating and joint pain without spending a lot of money or buying any unnecessary ingredients that you wouldn’t typically purchase ona grocery trip.

The leaves on this type of lettuce are small and great for some who want the lettuce more for the nutritional value than the taste. Bibb lettuce would also be great in a wrap as well.

If you prefer to choose another type of lettuce, you won’t necessarily be losing out on the added health benefits completely. All green leafy vegetables have high nutritional value and contain the daily serving of various vitamins and iron and can help fight off illness.

What’s the best lettuce for burgers?

A big juicy beef burger on a fresh roll and topped with the freshest ingredients and perfectly melted cheese, makes for a perfect option as the weather continues to get warmer.

The best option for lettuce on a burger is actually iceberg lettuce. When biting into a burger, you want to taste the flavors of the other ingredients and not necessarily the lettuce.

Iceberg lettuce also won’t disrupt the flavor of sauces or condiments that you may use either. The lettuce is just there for added crunch. So, the next time you are making cheeseburgers or hamburgers at home, be sure to pick up iceberg lettuce.

But, in 2022, beef burgers aren’t the only type that one could make, order or enjoy. Turkey burgers and plant based burgers are also found quite often on menus or available for purchase in the grocery store.

Turkey and plant based burgers are usually chosen by those wishing to make healthy food choices. This indicates that the type of lettuce that they choose to top their burger is likely to be healthier as well.

Arugula, spinach and bibb/boston lettuce are all options depending on the taste one is looking to have while eating one of these burgers. Just because one type of lettuce works on a regular hamburger/cheeseburger, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to work for an alternative burger as well.

Is romaine lettuce good for sandwiches?

Romaine lettuce is the most common type of lettuce that restaurants tend to use for sandwiches. While romaine lettuce gives off a better appearance, there are also some advantages to using this type of lettuce for sandwiches.

Romaine lettuce is the best option if you are planning to pack your sandwich in a cooler for a beach outing or maybe even as part of a work or school lunch.

The romaine lettuce has larger leaves which allows it to refrain from being too soggy when kept in a cold environment. Unlike iceberg lettuce for example, that does tend to make a sandwich soggy when kept in a cooler or refrigerator.

The Best Lettuce for a BLT?

Sometimes, a classic BLT sandwich just makes for the best lunch or maybe even as a quick dinner option. Crispy bacon, a juicy sliced tomato, lettuce and perhaps even some mayo all on some warm, soft bread.

In order to make a delicious BLT, the taste of the lettuce shouldn’t be too overwhelming. Iceberg or even romaine lettuce are the best options because they won’t take away from the amazing taste of the rest of the ingredients.

Both of these types of lettuce can be shredded and chopped small enough to fit perfectly on the BLT, making it a convenient option.

When taking a bite of this classic sandwich, you will want to experience every ingredient and if you choose a lettuce that has too much flavor, it could ruin the entire sandwich. Don’t overthink this decision and choose a more common, “basic” lettuce.

If you decide to use a bacon that is seasoned with peppercorns or even some brown sugar, there may be another option besides iceberg lettuce. Add just a few sprigs of arugula for a fun twist on the BLT with a lot of extra flavor. This is only if you truly enjoy arugula, otherwise it could be an unpleasant first bite for someone who hasn’t given it a try before.

What’s the best type of lettuce if you decide to ditch the bread?

Whether it’s the gluten you are straying away from, or just the overall carbohydrate intake in their daily diet, more and more people are choosing alternative ways to enjoy sandwiches, wraps and burgers.

One of those is by substituting lettuce instead of the bread and it’s quite easy to do so.

Lettuce wraps and lettuce cups can now be found at a lot of restaurants around the United States. Butter lettuce is seen as the best type of lettuce to use for this type of recipe.

It is packed with nutrients and will be sturdy enough to hold the ingredients and prevent your “sandwich” from being messy. Just wrap replace all of your “sandwich” ingredients in the lettuce as you would a traditional sandwich and enjoy.

As mentioned above, the butter lettuce also will added to the healthy aspect of a lettuce wrap if you are choosing to stay away from bread.

As people become more and more health conscious, lettuce, of all forms has become even more popular. Lettuce is a great substitute for not only bread, but also as the base for burrito bowls and tacos and even as a new fad with baked kale chips.

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