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Pressure Cooker vs. Slow Cooker – What are The Pros and Cons?

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Unlike those childhood days when mothers had to struggle with old pots which could only cook food in hours, today’s moms have a chance to enjoy beautiful and faster cooking pans which are very convenient and time saving.

Pressure cookers have grown in popularity since they are easy to use and unlike in the past when many people considered them to be unsafe, today’s technology has made them safer and more dependable.

However, many people also use slow cookers which are also convenient but there is a big difference between the two types of pans whenever in use. The question however is, which one is better, pressure cooker or slow cooker and why?

Below is a comparison of the two types of pans for your consideration.

  • First, the issue of time is always worth considering when looking at the two cooking partners. In this regard, pressure cookers are quicker compared to slow cookers whose cooking character is denoted by their name.
    Pressure cookers are built with a lid that clamps tightly in place and this helps to trap the steam generated as the food starts heating. With no chances of escaping, this steam accumulates pressure thus increasing the temperature inside thee pot for faster cooking. Slow cookers do not have this mechanism.
  • While pressure cookers can have the job done within a few minutes, slow cookers will cook the same type of food between 2 to 6 hours. When plugged in, slow cookers do not need much attention but you should keep checking after an hour or so to ensure that the liquid does not dry up causing your food to burn.
  • On the contrary, pressure cookers should be monitored closely otherwise your food might overcook. You will also need to adjust the heat as the pressure builds up.
  • When using both the pressure cooker and the slow cooker, liquids should be kept at the necessary levels since they do not evaporate during the cookery. This means reading the instructions for each of the model or brand that you have so as to adhere to the safety measures provided.
  • Another major difference between slow cooker and pressure cooker is that the former does not pose any danger to the use as far as abrupt pressure release is concerned. While pressure cookers can be tricky and especially if the instructions are not followed, slow cookers do not pose the same risks although still you will have to be careful when unsealing the lid when cooking.
  • The longer the time spent cooking over the slow cookers, the better it is for your foods to simmer gently unlike when pressure cookers are used.
  • As far as their economy benefits are concerned, both of them can be said to be ideal in that they are energy efficient. This is despite the fact that the slow cookers will take longer to cook the food. With this in mind however, it is worth noting that slow cookers are more advantageous than other forms of cooking methods and equipment’s such as traditional pots.
  • Pressure cookers are a little bit pricey but this is normally compensated for by the amount of energy you will save with every cooking experience. However, always know that your pressure cooker will have to be opened whenever you intend to inspect the food and this means releasing the pressure that is accumulated in the pot.

The choice between a pressure cooker and a slow cooker will always boil down to the user preference but with all factors considered, pressure cookers are more advantageous compared to their counterparts.

Originally posted 2019-09-24 19:27:27.