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4 Pressure Cooker Parts You Should Have In Your Kitchen

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Owning a pressure cooker in your kitchen is like owning a new motorbike for a racing enthusiast! Both are beneficial and require proper care not to mention that at some point they will need some sort of repairs and replacement parts which one should have readily available. If you own a pressure cooker, there are some parts that you should have in your kitchen instead of running to the dealers when your cooker breaks down. Below are some of the parts that you must or should have tucked somewhere in your kitchen cabinets.

Important pressure cooker parts you should have

Gasket or seal

This replaceable part is also known as sealing ring and helps to prevent any pressure leakage through the lid. With continued use, gaskets normally wear-out thus making them loose and this causes the pressure or steam to escape thus rendering your pressure cooker ineffective.

This leads to prolonged periods of cooking and the only remedy is to replace the gasket. Replacing this pressure cooker part makes your pot look and work like a new one. Click here to check one of your brand pressure cooker.

Pressure cooker bracket and handle

Another important part of a pressure cooker, this replaceable part allows you to get a better grip on your appliance when opening or transferring the pot from one place to the other. The handle is also a very important part of your pot and with continued usage could easily break or require replacement for one reason or the other.

Although some brackets and handles are made from strong steel, others are made using heat resistant plastic and could easily break with continued use thus requiring to be replaced for better handling.

Cooking rack

This part is important as it is used to hold foods including vegetables and it is placed on the bottom of your pot during steaming. It helps in saving time and separating your food from cooking liquids this keeping the original flavor of the particular food.

The cooking rack will age as you continue using your pressure cooker thus requiring a replacement. It is good to have one ready in your kitchen. Click here to check out different sizes and price details.

Pressure cooker pressure regulator

As essential part of your pressure cooker, the pressure regulator plays a major role in the functioning and safe usage of your pot. Your regulator should be replaced in case other components such as the gasket have been replaced and functioning properly but yet the pot is not working as it should. Click here to check for different model as per your brand.


By taking proper care of your pressure cooker and replacing any worn out parts, you will be able to extend its functionality without spending too much money in the process. Your replacement parts can be purchased from the same dealers where you bought your pot and even ordered together with your pressure cooker and this way you might enjoy discounts while ensuring that you get the right match. Your pressure cooker could also need other parts such as indicator weight among others. 

Originally posted 2019-09-24 19:29:18.