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Mirro 92122A Pressure Cooker Review

Pressure canners that can be used for pressure cooking, water bath processing, and steaming veggies will allow you to get more use out of one appliance, essentially saving you hundreds of dollars that would otherwise go towards buying a rice cooker, steamer, and pressure cooker.

The 92122A pressure canner and cooker by Mirro is made out of polished aluminum and features a large cooking and processing capacity so you can whip up dinner or pressure can a large batch in under an hour. This model comes with a few pressure setting options and has a reputation for maintaining a steady pressure for hands-off cooking and processing.

Our Verdict: This model earned top marks for its durable design, the fact that it can be used as a pressure cooker and a canner, and it’s low-maintenance design. However, achieving a tight seal can be a hassle and a big issue for first-time canner users.

Lining up the lid correctly can take a few tries, which increases the beginner’s risks of using the canner incorrectly. This is definitely a design flaw and one that Mirro should address since it can have such a major negative impact on performance and efficiency. However, for those who are experienced with canner use, you can easily determine whether or not the lid is aligned correctly.

Overview and Features

Pressure canning offers one of the easiest and safest ways to preserve veggies and fruits so you can enjoy your favorite foods any time of year. Whether you want fresh corn or strawberries, using a pressure canner allows you to preserve almost any type of food using canning jars and a pressure canner that’s durable and user-friendly.

One of the biggest reasons why this model earned top marks is its versatility. It can be used as both a pressure canner and pressure cooker, which means you’ll use it more often whether you want to process a batch of freshly caught fish or cook up a brisket in under an hour.

This model is made out of rustproof heavy-gauge aluminum for ultimate durability. It comes with a variety of safety features for pressure cooking and pressure canning that allow the pot to get rid of excess pressure and steam once it surpasses the set pressure level. This is one of the best pressure canners on the market. Not only does it come loaded with a variety of safety features but it also works as a pressure cooker, so you’ll get more bang for your buck.

Mirro 92122A Pressure Cooker

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

  • Stay-cool handles
  • Three pressure settings
  • Side pressure vent
  • Large capacity
  • Low price
  • Cooking rack included
  • Can be used as a pressure cooker and pressure canner


This model is covered by an extensive ten-year product warranty.

Cooking Rack

The included cooking rack will prevent the jars from making contact with the bottom of the pot and also allows you to stack jars so you can process twice the amount of jars.

Overpressure Plug

The included overpressure plug is made out of thick rubber. It’s designed to pop out of the lid of the pot if the pot reaches a higher pressure level. This is a must-have safety feature that will prevent the pot from exploding.

Older models of pressure canners don’t have this essential safety feature, which is why vintage pressure canners have a reputation for being so dangerous. These days, modern models are safer than ever before.

Pressure Settings

Users can choose from five PSI, ten PSI, and fifteen PSI pressure level settings. To help ensure the appliance maintains the correct pressure level, this model comes with a reusable pressure plug and a side-mounted gasket pressure release vent.


Equipped with a twenty-two-quart pot capacity, you can cook a large brisket or roast, or process a huge batch of jars. This model can handle processing five quart canning jars or sixteen pint canning jars per batch, which is pretty impressive. If you don’t want to spend an entire afternoon stuck in the kitchen canning, then this model will allow you to get the job done in just a fraction of the time.


As I mentioned earlier, the pot is made out of heavy-duty aluminum with rounded edges and a sealing gasket that uses sure-fit technology. Users can whip up an entire meal when using the pot in pressure cooker mode, or they can do some serious canning. A canner will love the pot’s tough silicone gasket seal, which can trap steam to help the pot build pressure faster compared to a rubber gasket.

This is because silicone can handle heat and pressure better. This means you won’t have to replace the gasket as often as you will with a rubber gasket model. Despite the fact that it’s made out of thick gauge aluminum, the pot itself is surprisingly light. The side pressure vent is cleverly placed away from the built-in handles which makes it safer for use, while allowing the handle to remain cool to the touch.

This model can also be used to cook rice and steam fresh veggies and fish. To learn just how versatile pressure cookers are, read my article on pressure cooker vs. rice cooker.


The sure locking lid is designed to lock securely in place, allowing the pot to build and maintain pressure more efficiently. The biggest issue I came across with this particular model is with the lid and seal design. Setting the lid on the pot correctly can be difficult.

You may have to try a few times to achieve a proper seal. To do, you’ll need to reposition the lid until it lines up correctly. This is an important step, so you’ll need to ensure the lid is sealed, otherwise, the pot will not be able to build pressure.

Pressure Cooker

If you’ve never used a pressure cooker before then you’ll be blown away by how quickly it can cook even the toughest cuts of meat in a matter of minutes. If you don’t have time to babysit a roast for several hours, you can use a pressure cooker to cook your food seventy percent faster.

This particular model can braise a whole chicken in just under an hour. In the past, pressure cookers weren’t exactly the safest cooking option since users had to carefully and closely monitor the pressure level to prevent the pot from exploding. Models, such as this one now come with a variety of built-in safety features that will automatically vent off any excess steam and pressure to prevent the pot from blowing its top.

Recipe Book

The included recipe book features recipes for canning and pressure cooking. These recipes are pretty basic and beginner-friendly. They’ll also shine some light on just how versatile this model is.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Lightweight design
  • Pressure canner/pressure cooker design
  • Three pressure settings
  • Overpressure plug
  • Cooking rack
  • Low price


  • Difficult to position the lid correctly to achieve a seal

Mirro Versus Granite Ware Pressure Canner/Cooker/Steamer

The competing model by Granite Ware is made out of heavy-duty aluminum and can be used as a water bath canner, pressure canner, pressure cooker, and steamer. It has a smaller capacity of twenty quarts and features three pressure setting options.

However, it can’t be used on glass stovetops, which can be a drawback for some buyers. Even though it’s smaller than this model, it comes with a higher price tag. It also offers a better quality seal and lid design that makes it more beginner-friendly than this model by Mirro.

In terms of quality, the model by Granite Ware earned a higher rating, thanks to its built-in safety features and foolproof locking lid that’s easy to align and use. While the Mirro model is still one of the leading canners on the market, the issue with the seal can be a deal-breaker for beginners.

Conclusion and Rating

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

If you’re looking for more bang for your buck, then this multitasking model is right up your alley. It works as both a pressure canner and pressure cooker, so you’ll use it more often than once or twice a season. This may not be the top canner by Mirro, considering locking the lid in place can be tricky, but aside from a difficult lid design, this model does pull its weight and can process more jars per batch than some competing models.

It’s also very versatile and can be used as both a pressure canner and pressure cooker, rice cooker, and steamer. This type of versatility in one appliance can save you money, time, and precious counter space.

Additionally, users can choose from a few different pressure settings and rely on the built-in pressure gauge to ensure food is processed at the correct pressure level. Overall, the pot is well-built, durable, and reliable. I gave this model a rating of four and a half out of five stars.

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