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How to Cook With A Pressure Cooker Safely?


When it comes to cooking, using a pressure cooker will always make things easier and inexpensive and especially if you know how to use one properly. Unlike the usual ovens and stovetop cooking ways the pressure cookers will always help save time and money and can be used for preparing different types of foods while maintaining your favorite flavor.

However, it is always important to learn how to cook with a pressure cooker as this is the only way to guarantee the best results without overcooking or undercooking your meals. Cooking with a pressure cooker is easy and safe and will always save you energy.

Below are some helpful steps on how you can achieve great results while cooking with a pressure cooker.

Step # 1: Brown your meat in a frying pan first

If you plan to do a one-pot cooking, you will need to brown your meat in the pressure cooking in small amounts so as to avoid stewing the meal. This is normally good as it safes you a lot of work as far as washing is concerned.

In other words, you won’t have to worry about multiple pot clean-ups. You can also choose to cook more meat in a big frying pan all at once and this will save you more time. Transfer the meat to your pressure cooker once you cook it in the pan.

Step #2: Don’t fill your pressure cooker beyond the required limits

In order to create some steam, it is always important to add sufficient liquid to your pressure cooker. This will help ensure that the food is properly cooked. You should however measure the liquid carefully in order to give enough room to the accumulating pressure while at the same time allowing the food to expand.

If this is not done, the food will not cook properly as it should. It is always important to look at your pressure cooker’s instructions to know how much liquid and food should be put and vice versa.

Step #3: Learn how to release the steam correctly

Another important step you should not ignore is that of learning how to close and open your pressure cooker’s lid. This will help guarantee your safety while at the same time helping you release the steam in a right way. Different pressure cookers have different sealing and unsealing instructions and you should therefore read those provided for the model you purchase.

Important to note: You must never remove the lid before releasing the pressure.

Step #4: Always time your cooking properly

In normal cases, your cooking time will be reduced by almost 70 percent whenever you use a pressure cooker. It is therefore important to know how to best time your cooking when using this cooking method as this will help ensure that your food is not overcooked.

Timing is part of the game and will help you achieve the desired results. Different foods normally vary when it comes to the cooking time and you will need to learn how well you can time your cooking and especially when cooking mixed foods such as meat and potato stew. 

Originally posted 2019-09-24 19:26:36.